Top 3 Themed Birthday cake Ideas

Birthdays are one of the greatest moments in life to celebrate in a year. It gives us ultimate joy and brightness to our life and what can be a more suitable choice than celebrating it with wonderful birthday cakes. We at Bakes180, the best bakery in Vijayanagar have come up with beautiful decorative design cakes to make your moment more colorful and unforgettable. Here are some of our amazing ideas for you.

Frozen Cakes

Frozen Cake 7

Relive all the music and experience of the Disney classic Frozen when you let Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and all the rest join your family and friends for your children’s upcoming birthday gathering! Our classic range of Frozen cakes is set to change your living room into a celebration.

Buy customized cakes in Rajajinagar based on a Frozen theme uniquely prepared for you. Our Frozen theme cakes will elevate your party to the next level.

Minion Cakes

Minions are charming, enjoyed by the children and also grown-ups. At Bakes180, we have launched the special and beautiful shaped Minion cakes that make the event even splendid.

Getting a birthday present is usual, why don’t you excite your loved ones with something unique, like a minion-themed cake. The design and idea of the cakes are beautiful and this will impress your loved ones to celebrate the occasion adequately.

Boss Baby Cake 3

Boss Baby Cakes

Bakes180 has made a variety of cakes based on themes differing from Frozen to Minions and Boss Baby to Avengers. One of the best-selling amongst those is the Boss Baby cakes, This attractive cake will undoubtedly add magic to your event with its marvelous design. We offer these themed cakes in various flavors and various sizes.

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